Exposec-DefenseWorld conference has been established as an important dialogue forum between experts, representatives from international organizations and national decision makers, to generate proposals and aim for solutions to major defense and security issues.



Symeon G. Tsomokos S.A. and the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce are co-organizing for the 7th consecutive year the annual EXPOSEC-DEFENSEWORLD CONFERENCEDEFINING A MODERN DEFENSE AND SECURITY STRATEGY”.


The constant change in geostrategic relationships creates the need for a modern and flexible national defense and security strategy, to be implemented in an environment of complementary actions and special co-operations and will effectively fortify the country from external and internal dangers. The forces needed for strategic planning and crisis management at national level and political will exist. The necessary consensus and constructive cooperation are the requirements needed to address the ever-changing and complex threats which jeopardize democratic values and affect the safety of citizens.


The role of the Greek defense industry as an important factor in the implementation of programs by the armed forces and a valuable partner in international programs (co-operations, co-productions, cutting-edge technology transfer) will be discussed during the conference and analyzed by distinguished speakers from Greece and abroad.



Topics to be discussed at the conference include:

·        Regional developments and the geopolitical importance of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans

·        Priorities and local defense industry sustainment initiatives

·        High-value investments through productive synergies

·        Homeland security strategy in practice

·        Refugee - Migration Policy:  The necessity of an integrated action plan based on international law

·        Risks, threats and challenges of cyberspace