Anastasios V. Gouriotis was born on 1964. He studied Economics in the University of Piraeus. He started his career as an apprentice journalistin ACROPOLIS newspaper in 1984. Since then, he writes articles for the magazine of special interest “FLIGHT” related to defence and geopoliticsissues.

He served his 21-months military duty as a Specialist at the Special Weapons Academy of the Hellenic Armed Forces (1986-1988).

On 1990 he worked as spokesman of the Deputy Minister in theHellenic Ministry of Defence.

Fortheperiod1992-1993 heworkedasPress representativeofthe Hellenic Ministry of Defence, and more specifically inthe deputy Ministry of Defence Industry.

During 1993-1996 he worked as Press Secretary for the party of “Nea Dimokratia” in the Hellenic Parliament.

In 1994 he founds “STRATIGIKI” magazine and he participates in the foundation of the publishing company “EPIKOINONIES S.A.”.

In 2004 he takes over the direction of Media Relations of the Hellenic Ministry of Defence.

He was appointed head of the crisis management team of the Hellenic Ministry of Defence during the Olympic Games “Athens 2004”.

He prepared and carried out the project of communication management for the Hellenic Ministry of Defence in whole, during the Olympic Games “Athens 2004”.

In 2006 he takes over the role of Managing Director in “DefenceNet Media” publications (which had meanwhile absorbed “EPIKOINONIES S.A.”) and publishes magazines, books etc. concerning the field of defence and geopolitics (“STRATIGIKI”,“DEFENCE BIBLE”,“WAR & HISTORY”) etc.

In 2006 he creates the site (previously named, which currently ranks among the first top five Greek news sites, outreaching 2,5 million unique visitors on a monthly basis (according to GoogleAnalytics).

Today, DNM GROUP publishes magazines focusing on politics and defence issues which circulate all around Greece. At the same time DNM GROUP holds and runs, many articles of which have been repeatedly reproduced by numerous Press agencies.

He has worked in a numerous newspapers (“ACROPOLIS”, “APOGEVMATINI”, “ATHINAIKI”, “DIKTIS OIKONOMIAS”, “EPENDITIS”, “EXIPNO XRIMA” etc.) and magazines (“PTISI & DIASTIMA”, “KEFALAIO”, “ENA” etc.), he has collaborated with Reuters (1988-1992), worked as TV producer of political emissions in Seven X channel (now named SKAI) etc.

He is member of the Journalists’ Union of Athens Daily Newspapers since 1994.

He is married with three children.