Minister of National Defense
Hellenic Republic

Panos Kammenos was born in Athens in 1965. His origins are from Galaxidi and Nissiros Island. He is married and he has five children, four sons and one daughter. He has studied Economics and Business Administration in France and Switzerland. He speaks French and English fluently. 

In the National Elections of 1993, he was elected as congressman for the first time. Since then and until the year 2009 he assuredly takes place in each and every national election accumulating votes that have classified him as one of the most popular congressman of that region. In February 2012 he establishes the political party, ’Independent Greeks’. After the National Elections in May 2012, the party enters the Greek Parliament, and thence, chaired by Panos Kammenos, has successfully taken place in four national elections and in one election regarding the European Parliament.

From 2007 to 2009 he was Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Mercantile Marine. During his tenure he focused on sustainable development and coastal shipping and he achieved to improve the quality of life of islanders. He continues to support them effectively, with the most recent achievement being maintaining the reduced tax levies on the undersized islands and on islands that have been affected by the refugee crisis.

After the National Elections of 2015, the two political parties of ‘’SYRIZA’’ and ‘’Independent Greeks’’ formed a new coalition government, in which the president of Independent Greeks Panos Kammenos, is serving as Minister of Defense until today.

In December 2015, the Minister of National Defense was invited to contribute in the growing issue of the refugee crisis in Greece. In a period of less than one month, the Armed Forces built, organized and administered in an exemplary matter the first refugee shelters. The task continues to operate until today.

Panos Kammenos has been internationally recognized for his efforts to tackle issues concerning corruption, international terrorism and to protect human rights. He has been awarded the Grand Cross of Honour by the Patriarch of the Czech Republic and the Medal of Honour by the Patriarch of Jerusalem. On December 2007, the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy honored him with the medal of “the Order of Knight of the National Order of Merit” for his activity against international terrorism. 

Awarded positions and offices:

President of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in the Mediterranean

Vice President of the Committee on Political Affairs and Security of the OSCE

Vice President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

Vice President of the ESC Public Order

Vice President of the Inter-Parliamentary Committee to study the problem of road accidents

Chairman of the Standing Committee on Defence and Foreign Affairs Committee

Special Envoy of the President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly on Issues of Terrorism

Head of the Greek Delegation to the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

Secretary of the Greek Parliament for three consecutive years

Chairman of the Group of Christian Democrats, Conservatives and sister parties in the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

Published Books :

“Terrorism, Theory and Practice” (1990)

“Hellenism and Orthodoxy in the Second Millennium”, Vol. 1 (1997), Vol. 2 (1998), Vol. 3 (1999)