Region of Attica

Rena Dourou is the elected Governor of the Attica Region, following the May 2014 regional elections.

She received a teacher's degree from the University of Athens and pursued post-graduate studies in France, Turkey and Great Britain. She holds a Master’s degree in Political Science. She speaks English, French and Turkish.

She has been twice elected as a member of the Hellenic Parliament. She has been appointed as responsible for foreign affairs on behalf of SYRIZA, a former opposition party, now the ruling party. She has been elected as an Alternate Secretary-General of the Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy.

She has worked as consultant in publications and in political marketing. Books and articles of hers have been published in Greek and foreign media.

Currently Rena Dourou is a member of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe (Representative of the Chamber of Regions and a full member in the Current Affairs Committee).