Minister of National Defence
Hellenic Republic
Ministry of Migration Policy
Alternate Minister of National Defence
Hellenic Republic
U.S. Ambassador to the Hellenic Republic
Criminologist - P/CVE Expert, Member of ITSTIME Research Team
American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce
Professor of International Politics
Panteion University of Political and Social Sciences
Professor of Public Law and Social Security Law
Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences
MP, Chair of the Standing Committee of Defence and Foreign Affairs
Associate Professor
Hellenic Military Academy
Supervisor Police Reporter
TV channel OPEN BEYOND, CNN.gr, Greece
Head of National Defense Sector & MP
New Democracy Party, Greece
Data Protection Officer
Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media
Director General
General Directorate for Defense Investments and Armaments (GDDIA)
Ass. Professor, Dpt. of International & European Studies
University of Piraeus
Representation of the European Commission in Greece
Director of the ACO/SHAPE Office of Legal Affairs
Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, NATO
Navy Captain, MSc (Computer Science), Director
Cyber Defense Directorate
Vice-Chairman of the BoD
Hellenic Aerospace Industry S.A. (HAI)
Professor of Strategy
University of Piraeus
Vice President Business Development Initiatives Europe, Middle East & Africa
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics/International
Secretary General for Digital Policy
Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications & Media
Major of the Hellenic Police
Security expert, Center for Security Studies (KEMEA)
Hellenic Defense Material & Security Association (SEKPY)
Executive Director
American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce
Lieutenant General (ret)
Hellenic Police
Diplomatic Correspondent
Open TV
Hellenic Air Forces
Professor of International Relations, Chair of the Department of International and European Studies
University of Piraeus
Hellenic Aerospace Security & Defense Industries Group (HASDIG)