IR and Security Expert, Senior Research Advisor

Triantafyllos Karatrantos is Senior Advisor on Radicalisation, Organised Crime and Terrorism Research and Prevention Policies at the Center for Security Studies (KEMEA) the think tank of the Hellenic Ministry of Interior and also Lecturer at the National Security School of Greece on the topics “Multiculturalism, Migration and Security, Intercultural Policing, Radicalization and Community Policing”. Since 2014 he was working at the Center for Security Studies (KEMEA) on training programs and European and research projects. Furthermore, he is a PhD candidate at the Department of Mediterranean Studies, University of the Aegean on "Assymetrical Security Threats and the Role of EU as a Security Actor. The cases of climate change, migration, radicalization, and trafficking of human beings”. Mr. Karatrantos is also a certified by RAN COE trainer in Radicalization and Member of the RAN LOCAL Group and a CEPOL network expert and a specialized trainer on hot-spots trends and challenges and FTF’s common identification indicators. Since 2005, when awarded him as a member of a youth team his first European grant from the Program Youth, he is actively coordinating and participating to the implementation of European and Research projects. The last years he focus on first line practitioners training programs, especially short courses for Law Enforcement personnel on radicalisation and counter- terrorism.