Lieut. General, Police Inspector General for Aliens & Border Protection
Hellenic Police

She joined the former Metropolitan Police (Astynomia Poleon) in December 1982 and graduated from the Hellenic Police Academy Lieutenants’ School in 1988.

She attended the Department of Professional Training of Police Officers – Executives in 2001.

She held a variety of operational positions in Order, Security and Traffic Police Stations in Western Attica and the Piraeus Aliens Police Station, as well as executive positions in central and regional Order and Security Services.

In December 1993, she was posted to the International Police Cooperation Division of the Hellenic Police Headquarters, where she was responsible for EU and Schengen-related matters, as well as for bilateral and multilateral relations. She participated in several EU Council working groups on police cooperation and organised crime and in the corresponding working groups of the Organisation of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (OBSEC), the South East Europe Cooperative Initiative (SECI), the South East European Cooperation Process (SEECP), and other organisations.

From January 1997 to August 1999, she served as a Police Liaison Officer in Sofia, Bulgaria.

During the Hellenic Presidency of the Council of the European Union (1st semester of 2003), she participated in the EU Council Strategic Committee on Immigration, Frontiers and Asylum (SCIFA).

Her responsibilities included, among others, the promotion of the bilateral, multilateral, European and international relations of both the Ministry of Public Order and the Hellenic Police regarding matters falling within their competence, as well as the legislative drafting of police cooperation and readmission agreements. In several cases, she was the chief negotiator for these agreements.

In July 2012, she was promoted to the rank of Police Brigadier General and assumed duties as Director of the International Police Cooperation Division (which comprises the European Union, International Affairs & Missions Department, the Europol National Unit, the National SIRENE Bureau and the INTERPOL National Central Bureau) of the Hellenic Police Headquarters. During the Hellenic Presidency of the Council of the European Union (1st semester of 2014), she was assigned as Coordinator of the Hellenic Police on matters related to the Hellenic Presidency. She also chaired the Article 36 Committee (CATS) and the Standing Committee on Internal Security (COSI).